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Amelia Hinton-Carroll.

I have been recruiting in the food industry since 2022 and I absolutely love it.

The stories you hear about where our food comes from are fascinating, and I love peaking behind the curtain to understand the processes that happen before we see it on our shelves.

For me, the most rewarding parts of my job are the relationships I build with both candidates and clients from all different walks of life. I love getting to know people, and delivering the highest quality service to find the perfect fit.

Before recruitment, I was a full-time violinist and have performed all around the world. I’ve played electric violin for Rolex, Aston Martin, and even while dressed as a Christmas Elf!

Outside of work, I love to eat out and try all the amazing restaurants that Manchester has to offer, as well as exploring the Peak District with a hike and a well deserved pub lunch.


Dream dinner party trio:

•    Gordon Ramsay
•    Hans Zimmer
•    Jennifer Lawrence


On the menu:

•    Charcuterie
•    Steak with ALL the sides
•    Chocolate Fondant


Amelia Hinton-Carroll
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